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UFC Khabib vs McGregor (before & after the fight)

Behind the scenes of McGregor vs Khabib

By Izum Adnan

Staff Reporter

The Pawprint

There are thousands of sports in the world but undoubtedly one of the most violent would be the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Ultimate Fighting Competition is an American born brand which hosts high-level fights in a variety of places around the US. The biggest UFC fight in the past few months took place on the 7 October. The fight was between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was on a 26-0 win streak at the time. The fight ended in submission by McGregor which surprised the audience but this article isn’t going to talk about what happened during the fight, it’ll talk about what happened before and after the fight as that is more interesting.

At first, the world was shocked when it learned about the hostility between the two as Khabib and Mcgregor were close friends, congratulating each other after each of their fights and tweeting each other frequently but once McGregor entered Khabib’s weight group, their friendship completely halted. Khabib kept trying to set up a fight with McGregor but McGregor kept dismissing him because he wasn’t relevant enough for McGregor’s liking.

Khabib didn’t let this go and he was determined to fight McGregor and so, during UFC 223, Khabib and McGregor supposedly bumped into each other and started a fight. After chairs were thrown and faces were bruised, they were held back and then they both agreed to fight each other.

After Khabib won the official fight due to submission, the arena went crazy. Khabib was the favorite to win and since he did the audience started chanting discouraging words towards McGregor. But McGregor fans started chanting back and Khabib couldn’t keep his cool, he jumped out of the octagon and attacked McGregor’s team.

McGregor wasn’t avoiding the in-arena madness, and Khabib’s trainer Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov jumped into the octagon and punched McGregor. To escape all of this, McGregor had to leave the arena before the official call on who won the fight.

A week after the fight, the UFC announced that Khabib will not be receiving money for the fight as he initiated the post fight’s mayhem. If no fight was initiated and if the fight ended on good terms, Khabib would have made a minimum of 2 million dollars but as of now, the money is with the Las Vegas Police Department. McGregor’s money, on the other hand, is going to be determined by the UFC board as he did not initiate the post-fight but he did participate in it.


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