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Infamous Spanish drug dealer turns himself in

Source: El Español

By Samantha Loomes
Managing Editor
The Pawprint

Following a raunchy music video cameo, Francisco Tejón, one of Spain’s most wanted drug dealers, has turned himself into the authorities.

The 39-year-old, better known as “Isco” appeared in Spanish reggaeton singer, Clase A’s music video for his song “Candela”, where he is seen climbing out of a Bentley and walking into a house with a number of scantily dressed women.

The music video has come out two years after the alleged leader of the Las Castaña cartel went on the run. It is assumed the video is a way of taunting the police and reminding them of the fact that they have yet to find him and make an arrest.

The Castaña cartel’s stomping ground has long been the town of La Línea, Gibraltar, and Morocco, where drugs and prostitutes are in abundance. It has been known by the authorities that Isco and his clan have controlled the area, and law officers have estimated the amount they make in a year to be around €30 million.

Spanish police have confirmed that it is indeed the drug dealer in the video. A police source told national newspaper El Mundo newspaper, “it’s him, there’s no doubt whatsoever and we’ve been following the video for a week now.” They went on to say, “what the video shows is that he does not care about anything, because he does not worry about showing himself in public.”

Both Francisco Tejón and his brother Antonio Tejón (Who was arrested four months ago and is currently in a prison in Cordoba awaiting his trial) have a repeated history of flaunting their wealth and lavish lifestyle on social media. The carelessness of their actions has outraged local authorities and detectives began the process of tracking down the location of the villa featured in the music video as well as the people in it.

It was amid these investigations that in a surprise move Isco began to negotiate his surrender with the police before finally handing himself in on Wednesday morning (16 October 2018).



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