DAA Daily

High school shows off their school spirit!

By Sairra Misra
Staff reporter
The Pawprint

High school shows off their school spirit!

From 14 to 18 October, DAA’s high school hosted spirit week, to showcase all the school spirit students had. Every day had a particular theme: Sleepy Sunday, Meme Monday, Twin Tuesday, Wear Black Wednesday and Throwback Thursday. The Student Government hoped to boost the school’s enthusiasm and spirit, and they sure did!

On Sunday, all of the high school showed up in a bunch of different pajamas. From sweatpants and slides to coming in a onesie and participating in pillow fights, Sleepy Sunday was a cozy day where students and teachers enjoyed showing off their cute and comfy clothing.

On Meme Monday, the school was filled with mannequin heads, a guy in a huge dinosaur suit and many others in funny outfits resembling our favorite memes.

We were seeing double on Tuesday, when everyone came to school twinning with someone. Even the different teacher departments were twinning. During the break, there were games such as “heads up”, where twins won lots of prizes.

Wednesday was dedicated to wearing black. Our high school hallway was filled with neon lights, and everyone had different neon bracelets. The windows were covered with black papers, and everyone had fun painting it with neon colored crayons.

The school threw it back to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s on Thursday. Students wore their grooviest outfits inspired by the most significant fashion trends back in the day. There were also many activities to do, such as looking at throwback pictures of teachers and guessing who they were to win prizes!

Spirit week was one of the most fun and enjoyable weeks that was hosted by the high school where all students came together to participate.


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