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DAA’s season one sports, bring home the gold!

DAA’s season one sports, bring home the gold!
By Sara Al Jandal
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Last weekend, all DAA sports teams finished in the top 4 in volleyball, swimming, and golf at the recent Emirates Athletic Conference  (EAC). DAA’s sports teams competed in Junior Varsity and Varsity (Girls and Boys) level and were happy that the hard work paid off.

The participating schools of this competition came from throughout the UAE, such as American School of Dubai (ASD), American Community School (ACS), Gems Wellington Academy (GWA), Universal American School (UAS), and of course, DAA.

The results reflect DAA’s hard work throughout each sport. The weekend of competition involves long hours and multiple games each day which is draining the athletes. The schools use this local competition as an important and ideal preparation for the international competition Middle East South Asian Conference (MESAC) which comes up later in November. The Leopards of DAA could not be prouder, and more excited with their team’s accomplishments and we look forward to many more stellar results!

Go Leopards!


The results:

Volleyball Swimming Golf           
Varsity Girls: 2nd place Varsity Girls: 1st place DAA: 3rd place (high score for DAA golfers) 31 points
Varsity Boys: 1st place Varsity Boys: 2nd place
Junior Varsity Girls: 3rd place Junior Varsity Girls:2nd place
Junior Varsity Boys:2nd place   Junior Varsity Boys: 4th place
U14 Boys: 1st place
U14 Girls: 2nd place



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