DAA Daily

The return of “Vintage” Fashion

By Mahenau Leghari
News Editor
The Pawprint

In an era where modern things are favoured over the old, the exponential rise and obsession with “vintage” fashion is baffling. The term “vintage fashion” refers to garments from or inspired by the 1920s, and is usually found in second-hand or online stores for more affordable prices, like ASOS Marketplace, The Stellar Boutique, or Beyond Retro. It’s no surprise that most people nowadays will scramble for a new iPhone or car, so wearing clearly outdated clothes seems counterintuitive.

From the many posts online, the vintage aesthetic (including clothes, home items, cars, etc.) has become extremely popular. In fact, many celebrities and fashion icons have chosen the classic aesthetic over our own current one.

It’s obvious that, after having seen the trend go viral on many influential platforms, the craze for vintage fashion would soon hit the people at home. The rise of vintage fashion is a clear display that apparel is much more different than technology – that newer doesn’t necessarily mean better or more desirable.

While not everyone is after the vintage look, the fashion industry certainly does have a lot of history to its birth and, eventually, its rise. Other examples of “vintage” things are classic cars, which are not from the 20s but are still considered to be part of the trend, (including the 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, the 1964 Aston Martin DB5, or the 1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT) and record players.

These are far more expensive as they are not sought after because of their technological use, but more because of their artistic elements and designs that our modern day objects lack. Having these things is also seen as a status of wealth, as they are more rare to find, which explains their hefty price tag.

Though most original vintage-wearers didn’t live through the 1920s, the garments do have an aspect of nostalgia as wearing older clothes stand out from everyday clothes and helps people escape from the normalities of modern day life.

Wearing vintage clothes is a form of expressing yourself and having historical pride, and while the clothes from the 1920s do look chic and admirable, there is also a very inspiring story as to how they came about. Women gained more rights and roles in society in the 1920s, as they would have the right to vote and work outside of home to pursue lives of their own.

Because of this new-founded independence, the 1920s was a world-changing decade for women. To embrace their freedom, they would wear clothes and adopt styles that were thought to be rebellious. They wore scarves and hats and cut their hair in bobs instead of the traditionally acceptable hair. Those who were bold would wear everything from garters to stockings and above-the-knee dresses and skirts.

This classic fashion not only looks retro and trendy, but also has a deep underlying message and history, which is why it’s understandable that the vintage aesthetic has blown up. While it was still very popular back in the day, the desire to replicate the style has risen higher than expected within the 21st century.

With online stores and second-hand shops selling vintage clothes, a meaningful history, a beautiful look, and an affordable price tag, it’s no wonder that the era’s impeccable fashion has been preserved till this day. The rise of vintage fashion was inevitable, and with so many young girls and influencers expressing themselves through the clothes, it won’t be a surprise if the trend remains to be a chic and classic look that everyone wants to adopt.  

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