DAA Daily

New year, New teacher, New Challenge…

By Mahenau Leghari
News Editor
The Pawprint

Mrs. Gannon is one of the many new teachers at DAA this year, and is an Economics and Entrepreneurship teacher. She moved from Abu Dhabi and has a passion for teaching and making an impact on students’ lives. The Pawprint asked a couple of questions to get an insight to her professional life and hobbies.

What made you decide to start teaching? Why Economics and Entrepreneurship?
I went into teaching because I thought I had an excellent skill set, and I love the company of children. In college, I majored in Economics because it was a field with few women and I found it very interesting. I was never an English or a Science type of person.

Where were you before you came to DAA?
I lived in Abu Dhabi and taught at Gems American Academy.

Why did you move to DAA?
I wanted to experience a bigger city and a new challenge, like a larger school.

What do you like about Dubai?
I like the diversity. I really enjoy working with students and colleagues from all around the world.

What is the best part of your day as a teacher?
The best part of the day is when I deliver a lesson and the students understand and master a topic. It’s the sole purpose of teaching: making sure your students learn and apply what you’ve taught, and that makes me very happy.

What are your hobbies?
I like keeping myself physically active and fit. I go on runs and play tennis and golf regularly. I also enjoy the arts and I find it a very relaxing way to keep myself healthy.

DAA welcomes Mrs. Gannon and we’re excited to see where this new academic year takes us!

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