DAA Daily

Interpol Chief Detained by China

By Jessica Loomes
Managing Editor
The Pawprint

On 7 October, China’s ruling Communist Party announced that the missing Head of Interpol Meng Hongwei is under investigation in China “for alleged violations of the law.”

Chinese authorities remained silent about the whereabouts of Meng, who went missing last month following his flight from France to China. The Communist Party watchdog, Central Commission For Discipline and Inspection, announced on Sunday that Meng Hongwei was being detained in China.

Shortly after, Interpol (The International Police Organisation) demanded answers from the Chinese government about Meng’s whereabouts, and announced that they had received Meng’s resignation from the International Police Agency with “immediate effect.”

Under its terms, Interpol has appointed Senior Vice President, Kim Jong-Yang of South Korea as the acting chief.

A new chief will be selected for the remaining two years of Meng’s mandate at a general assembly that will be taking place in Dubai next month. France has declared it will be opening an investigation into Meng’s disappearance but have released no further information, claiming that he was not on French soil when he was last seen.

The French Government added that a “suitable police mechanism” was put in place to ensure Meng Hongwei’s wife Grace Meng safety following her husband’s disappearance. It is still unclear whether Meng had been on official business in China.

Hongwei is amongst many influential figures in China to be reported missing in recent months. Last week, an acclaimed actress, Fan Bingbing, who disappeared in early July, resurfaced with a public apology and promising to pay a fine of $129m that she received for tax evasion.

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