DAA Daily

DAA Welcomes Mr. Chaffee!

By Jessica Loomes
Managing Editor
The Pawprint

Matthew Chaffee is one of the newest members of the DAA staff community. Mr Chaffee teaches mathematics in the high school, is an avid football player, and strives to help his students reach their full potential. The Pawprint asked Mr Chaffee a series of questions that elaborates on his teaching career and life outside of school.

What is your nationality?
I’m American, from the United States.

Where in America are you from?
I’m originally from Nebraska.

Did you always want to become a teacher?
My undergrad is actually in civil engineering, I did that for three years and then changed.

Why did you decide to change?
In one of my summers off, I decided that I enjoy being able to work with kids. It’s more fun than sitting behind a desk all day.

Where did you study?
I studied at the University of Nebraska.

So you grew up in Nebraska?
No, I actually grew up in Texas – the Dallas area.

How long have you been in Dubai for?
About 7 weeks so far.

Do you enjoy Dubai?
Dubai is starting to grow on me. It’s just taking a little bit of time to settle in.

What’s your reason for moving to Dubai?
For my job, I was working at a school in Albania before this.

What’s your favorite part about Dubai?
A lot of people speak English. In Albania, not a lot of people spoke English.

What’s the craziest teaching experience you’ve had so far?
I’ve had a few crazy experiences but not many of them positive so I think it would be best if I didn’t say.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy traveling and experiencing the outdoors. I also play a lot of football.

Will you be supervising any after school activities this year?
Yes, I will be coaching Varsity Boys soccer.

The DAA community is proud to welcome Mr. Chaffee to our family!

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