DAA Daily

DAA welcomes Ms. Jebailey

By Samantha Loomes
Managing Editor
The Pawprint

Angela Jebailey, an IB Biology teacher, an explorer of the world and an incredibly interesting human being has just joined the DAA family. The Pawprint has grabbed this opportunity to interview and discuss what lead her to DAA so that we can all delve into the mind of this new teacher.

To give you a bit of background, before Ms. Jebailey came to DAA, she was at the Universal American School of Dubai, she has been living in Dubai for 2 years. Before moving to the land of sand she was in Brazil for 6 years and before that, she spent quite a bit of time in the United States, and before that, in Lebanon. She has lived all around the world and says that home isn’t one place for her because she is at home wherever she is. Ms. Jebailey is her own home because she lives moment to moment, and with every moment she loves every place more than the last.

The reason that Ms. Jebailey had for coming to DAA, was the search for fulfillment and a new challenge that would spark her love for teaching again because she began to lose interest in it. After hearing all the amazing stories about DAA, she decided this could be the place for her. I found it rather amusing that her first impressions were extremely relatable. “It was too big,” she said; I know when I was a new student last year I left exactly the same way, but like each of us, she found her feet along with all the new students.

Her passion is what has inspired her to start teaching Biology. She chose biology as a subject to teach because she always found humans extremely interesting, and loved understanding what made people tick. She chose to teach as a whole because growing up and throughout life people always told her that she had the “gift” of teaching, the ability to make things easier for other people to understand and to inspire a love for learning. Her journey to becoming a teacher was a winding road. Before she became a teacher she was very interested in nutrition, but when a school in Brazil offered her a job… Well, the rest was history. A week into teaching and Ms. Jebailey knew teaching was her thing. She describes that first week of seeing students’ faces as they had the “Eureka” moment and understood as incredible and life change. It truly sealed the deal.

Ms. Jebailey’s hobbies include traveling, playing a lot of sports, hanging out with her friends, and watching movies. She also she write poems and plays the guitar. A very busy woman.

Ms. Jebailey’s biggest pet peeve is something I think every teacher can relate to: “When students send messages after midnight expecting you to be awake and responding, like guys we have lives.” So a message to my fellow peers, surprisingly enough our teachers do have lives outside of school and I guess we can respect that.

When asked about a special moment about being a teacher she described an incident that occurred last week. One of her students from 8 years ago sent her a message that said: “I am a doctor now because of you, I just wanted to thank you for believing in me when even my parents didn’t.” The story is one that can remind us all of the impact teachers have on us, in both a learning and emotional environment, and so a huge thank you to whoever made it possible for Ms. Jebailey to come and teach all of us about bodies, plants and everything in between.


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