DAA Daily

An insight into the life of our new Science teacher

By Maya Hariz
Opinion editor
The Pawprint

Mr. Guinea is one of our many new teachers to DAA, just moved from the United Kingdom (U.K.), with a great passion for teaching science. The Pawprint recently had an interview with Mr. Guinea and his current experience at DAA.

What school did you teach at before joining the DAA community?
I taught in a school in the UK called the Hertfordshire & Essex high school, in Bishop’s Stortford between London and Cambridge.

What made you chose teaching as a career and how did you realize that science is the subject you wanted to teach?
I’ve always loved Science, it was my favorite subject at school, probably because of the teacher. I always think that I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, always enjoyed interacting with other people and trying to help them learn things that I’m learning or learn things that I’ve learned. Both my parents are teachers so I was exposed to schools a lot and just really liked the nice community feel.

How has your experience in DAA been so far?
Really good! I’m loving my classes really like the school, again I like the sense of community such as the Junior varsity football team where I’m the coach.

What do you think about Dubai so far? What do you like and dislike about living here?
I like my commute, it’s very short, it’s also nice to have hot weather, although it’s a bit too hot at the moment, so I’m looking forward to when it cools down a bit. Dubai is a nice place to live, I’ve seen lots of nice things and eaten good food.

What is the thing you miss most about your home country?
The things I miss most about my home country are obviously my family, and some of my friends, actually, my sister came out recently to visit so that was nice. But yeah it’s mostly that, family and friends.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I’m a keen footballer, I also support football, I like to read and to keep fit in general.

What is the craziest experience you’ve been through so far in your life?
I’ve had many. Moving here to Dubai was pretty crazy, quite a big jump. Last year I did my masters as well while I was working so that was crazy in terms of being busy. I’ve also done some cool things such as traveling a lot, I’ve also been surfing in Indonesia and skiing.


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