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New Apple phone has the X-Factor

By Erkan Nasirli
Science & Technology Editor
The Pawprint

Every September, millions of people anxiously await the iPhone launch during the Keynote, and this year was no exception. At the new Steve Jobs Theatre, on 12 September, Apple unveiled their newest iPhones and Apple Watches. Here is a summary of the new devices that were released during Keynote 2018.

The iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr

The Xs models are identical except for size and battery life, since the iPhone Xs Max has a 6.5-inch display compared to the Xs 5.8 inch display.

Both models are equipped with a better dual lens camera and iOS 12 out of the box, as well as the shiny OLED display we all loved on the X.

Better water resistance and more storage was a long-awaited feature by Apple fans until the new iPhones launched with IP68 water resistance for all models, and up to 512GB of storage for the Xs models, which means you can now hold your Xs and Xr iPhones underwater up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes!

Of course, any new iPhone would be incomplete without a new chip; the A12 chip in the new phones is better and faster than its predecessors, allowing all three iPhone models to excel, especially in the camera aspect with a new depth control feature that lets you control the blur on your photos.

Apple stated during the Keynote that the iPhone Xs has ‘’the most durable glass ever in a smartphone’’.

The Xs comes in black, white, and a new gold while the Xr comes with an incredible variety of different colors, including black, white, red, yellow, and coral.

Apple watches

This year featured 2 completely redesigned models of the Apple watch, with a larger display, a thinner form factor, louder speakers, and other new features such as new watch faces, and fall detection.

The newly redesigned 44mm and 40mm display covers more space and offers a more engaging experience by minimizing the black borders.

The health features of the watch got a drastic improvement, you can now take an electrocardiogram, which can interpret the electrical activity of your heart and determine whether its working properly, right from your Apple watch! “Apple Watch is an intelligent guardian for your health,“ said Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams.

Apple unveiled a new gold color for the watches to complement the new Xs color.

image(source-apple) apple-watch-series4_liquidmetal_09122018_carousel.jpg.large.jpg


Let’s talk prices: the Xs starts at 4229 AED, the Xs Max starts at a costly 4649 AED, and the “budget model” Xr starts at 3179 AED. The Apple watches start at 1599 AED for the 40 mm display and 1729 AED for the 44mm display.

All things considered, it is clear that Apple has made some great improvements to their lineup, although some may argue that the prices are through the roof… and they’re not necessarily wrong, but after you take everything into account, it doesn’t seem too bad when considering Apple’s history of pricing their products. Last year’s iPhone X cost 4229 AED during its release but Apple’s relatively inelastic demand still had people rushing to their nearest Apple store for it. With this guide, make your decision if these products are right for you.

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