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An introduction to co-curriculars at DAA

By Rishi Sharma


The Pawprint

While DAA has an enriching academic curriculum, life at DAA is not limited to classroom education and academics. Life at DAA extends to a vast array of extra-curricular activities that DAA students, the Leopards, can enjoy. From sports to arts to debate, we have it all.

The school has sports teams for volleyball, swimming, golf, basketball, tennis, football, baseball, softball, badminton, and track and field. If you have the slightest passion or talent for these sports, it is a great idea to join them. All these sports have organized championships, the most famous of which is Middle East South Asia Conference (MESAC). Throughout the year, there will be some MESAC championships held at DAA and some that will be held in other participating schools. Additionally, MESAC includes non-sport events such as Academic Games, Forensics, and Fine Arts. Academic Games is a mixture of academic and scholar trivia, Forensics is divided into events like debate, impromptu speech, acting (oratories), and Fine Arts is a combined collaboration with other MESAC schools in major art forms like choir, band, and painting. To learn more about DAA’s seasonal sports system, championships, and other after-school activities, please visit this information booklet.

Sports at DAA are not limited to the official ones that DAA offers. There are many student-run club such as Ultimate Frisbee Club, and Table Tennis Club that students can join. Clubs extend to many interests and most students rely on clubs they enjoy to fulfil their CAS requirements whilst making the best out of high school. Most of these clubs do not require immediate commitment. You can go for a couple of meetings and decide whether this club fits your expectations and schedule. Some clubs at DAA have become very popular due their global and humanitarian approaches. Some of these clubs are described below.

MUN (Club leaders: Saksham Bajaj and Inaki Ibarguren)

As a simulation of the United Nations, Model United Nations (MUN) seeks that its members engage in global issues to construct creative, pragmatic and optimal solutions. It places the responsibility of leadership on to students, forcing us to make complicated decisions about prevalent issues. Further, MUN teaches diplomatic persuasion while upholding the values of international understanding.

Insaan (Club leader: Sreenidhi Vijayaraghavan)

The INSAAN Student Association is a club that focuses on helping oneself by helping others. The name INSAAN is the Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic word for “human” and represents the club’s humanitarian goals. Members build themselves up by collaborating with others. Learning how to work in a team, gaining leadership skills, and giving back to the community is what students can take away from this club.

Peer Tutoring Club (Club leader: Rishi Sharma)

DAA’s Peer Tutoring Club is back after 4 years! Students can sign up as tutors and help their peers get better in any given subject. Peer tutoring is an enriching experiencing that can bring the DAA community closer. Tutors benefit from exceptional content revisions, which is crucial to a good performance in IB subjects and students benefit from free and good-quality tutoring.

This year’s club fair will take place on 26 and 27 September (Wednesday and Thursday) during both lunches in the high school library. It will feature around 50 clubs. We hope that you find the perfect fit for yourself!

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