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Spanish-speaking Taco Bell worker fired for refusing an English speaker

A Spanish-speaking Taco Bell worker, named Luisa, was fired after a video of her refusing to serve an English speaker emerged. Taking place in Hialeah, North of Miami, a video went viral with over 100,000 views of a Spanish-speaking Taco Bell worker telling a customer to leave and that no one working at the restaurant spoke English.


The video shows Alexandria Montgomery, the customer, repeatedly trying to order to which the worker refused, saying “This is Hialeah, sorry,” as Hialeah is known to have a Hispanic population of more than 94%. Montgomery said that “This lady understood what I was saying but didn’t want to take my order,” and described the incident as “racist”. Montgomery then called the manager on Wednesday evening after the worker threatened to call the police when Montgomery refused to leave, and it was later shared to public media by Taco Bell that the worker had been fired.

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