DAA Daily

The Russian Resurrection: Ukraine’s fake death ploy

On Tuesday, the 29th of May, Putin critic and Russian war correspondent, Arkady Babchenko was reported to have been murdered outside of his home in Kiev, Ukraine. However the alleged shooting that took place was a farce. Babchenko showed up, very much alive, the next day at a police press conference. Vasily Gritsak, the leader of the Ukrainian police service, told reporters that they had faked Babchenko’s death to catch people who were trying to kill him. One suspect was arrested in connection with the threats made against his life, it is however not clear yet how he was apprehended. Babchenko, apologized at the press conference for the commotion he caused, he even apologized to his wife who apparently had no idea that she was involved in such an elaborate scheme. According to Gritsak, Russian authorities had recruited a hitman in east Ukraine by offering him $30,000 (110,193 AED) for the murder of the man. Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said that Russia was glad he was alive, but that Ukraine was using his story as propaganda.

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