DAA Daily

Assad Blames Israel for Strike on Damascus

By Kaya Derin Ozkan
Sports Editor
The Pawprint

According to the Syrian government, a missile sent by the Israeli government hit and caused multiple casualties and injuries. Two of the said missiles were intercepted by Syrian air-defences. According to Syrian intelligence, they intended to strike a Syrian Army position whilst the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,a monitoring group based in the UK, claims that it was intended to strike a weapons depot. No injuries were reported but the Syrian government is claiming that 9 pro-regime Irani soldiers died.

The Israeli government is claiming that they were striking an arms depot owned by Hezbollah and the Iranians. They also claim that the attack was triggered by an abnormal amount of Iranian armed forces in Golan Heights next to their border and that they warned public officials in the Golan Heights region to open bomb shelters to all civilians. The Israeli government refused to comment any further, but it can be speculated that this attack was both an example of self-defence and retaliation against Iran for their attacks on the T-4 army base when Iran bombed an Israeli-controlled military base in the Golan Heights region.

Irani government officials have responded, stating that they will retaliate at “an appropriate time.” Since then, Iran has made multiple threats to Israel in which neither party have revealed the contents of. Israel’s news sources also claim that the Hezbollah and local Shiite militias were to launch a barrage of precision-guided missiles, likely at Israeli military targets in the north.“Israel has recently identified with certainty Iranian preparations to fire at the north,” Channel 10 said, “We are not on the eve of war with Iran… but Iran is very determined to carry out an attack.”


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