DAA Daily

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

By Syed Shah
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint01-mercedes-benz-design-a-class-w-177-interior-3400x1440-1.jpg


Earlier  this year in february, Mercedes-Benz teased the concept of a new compact luxury hatchback automobile. Many car experts predicted that Mercedes was going to launch a refreshed model of the A-Class, which it certainly was. However, Mercedes is changing their brand image, and with the A-Class, we can see how Mercedes is going to further improve their vehicles. The A-Class not only has stunning looks, but the technology used in the vehicle is really what impresses people.The A-Class has always been the smallest vehicle that Mercedes-Benz makes, as well as the most affordable. It was not much of an extraordinary vehicle, that is, until Mercedes adopted the aggressive shark-like appearance from the CLS model which was released earlier this year. It looks a lot more like a premium car, rather than an “affordable hatchback”. The appearance isn’t all that Mercedes improved about the A-Class.

The interior of the A-Class had always seemed to be on the more basic and lower end of the spectrum; a lot of the materials used in the interiors of previous models were cheap plastics. The seats weren’t impressive either, and neither was the audio system. Mercedes decided to change that with an interior so impressive, it questioned the interior of high-end Mercedes-Benz cars. With ambient LED lights running from the door sills, to inside A/C vents, with 64 different color options, to the complete leather interior and touch screen steering wheel buttons, it was solid proof that this was a proper Mercedes vehicle.The A-Class is not complete without it’s most brand new and popular feature – MBux. MBux is the virtual assistant in the interior of the car that exists on the screen that stretches from  the steering wheel to the center of the interior. It is talked to like a virtual assistant; for example: Siri, or Alexa. “Hey Mercedes, it’s getting hot in here.” The temperature of the air conditioner lowers and the fan speed goes higher. “Hey Mercedes, play some Hip-Hop.” Next thing you know, Hip-Hop music starts playing. It can tell you the weather, show restaurants near you, and more. The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is one of the most valuable and futuristic vehicles that Mercedes has released. It was made to appeal to millenials, which is proven by all the technology it holds. The A-Class is truly amazing, and currently, due to its technology it has no competition with any other car.

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