DAA Daily

Red Cross Humanitarian Worker Shot in Yemen

A humanitarian aid worker named Hanna Lahoud from the Red Cross was shot and killed in Yemen on April 21. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC), Lahoud was on his way to visit a prison in the ICRC’s detention program in Yemen as a staffer in charge, when a group of unknown armed men attacked his car. Lahoud was sent to the hospital immediately after the attack where he eventually died of his injuries. Several of his colleagues were also riding the car, but they were unharmed in the shootings. “An attack on humanitarian workers is not only an attack on a humanitarian worker but also on the rights of people affected by conflict to receive assistance and protection,” read a statement issued by international aid organizations in response to the attack. The Yemeni officials revealed that the investigation would be held into the accident. Currently Yemen is in the middle of a severe civil war which started in January 2015, when a rebel group of Shiite Muslims named the Houthis overtook the Yemen presidential palace. The conflict grew rapidly, allowing several other neighboring countries and groups such as ISIS to be deeply involved. The endless war has created a countrywide famine, leaving more than 22.2 million Yemenis in need of assistance.

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