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Black Panther Movie Review

By Sebastian West
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint
The Black Panther has been a very high rated movie over the past few weeks getting a whopping 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie featured a lot of great actors including the main character Chadwick Boseman, who also starred in Marshall and Message from the King. Other actors included Forest Whitaker, who was the main character in the Last King Of Scotland and The Butler – two marvelous movies.
The Black Panther’s little sister Shuri had some great personality attributes which really brought laughter and joy to the movie with jokes and positivity a like. She always had a joke to tell even in the most serious of scenes but kept her cool and acted professionally and was really suited as a hero for Wakanda.
Consequently, the movie is fantastic and is really bringing people into the cinemas to enjoy with their families. Also Marvel has nailed their bad guy as the Killmonger who shows all the qualities that were in the comics with an appealing back story and with righteous revenge.
The other villain in the movie, “Claw”, made me laugh a lot in the scenes he was in with his strong South African accent and very funny personality . He was only featured in the film for a short period of time, but was flawless as a villian with jokes in every scene even in the most serious moments. Also he had a great gadget connected to his arm which gave him his nickname “Claw” which definitely tested the Black Panther.
The soundtrack of the movie was incredible. Kendrick Lamar and the other main features including Future,Travis Scott and the Weeknd worked phenomenally on the album and the music really suited the scenes. The most sold and used tracks of the album have to be “Kings Dead” by Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar and then “Pray For Me” by Kendrick Lamar and the Weeknd. So I definitely believe the soundtrack is worth listening too.
The director of the film, Ryan Coogler, also played a great part in film helping to create what it is now. He also directed “The Creed” which was a big movie following the Rocky series.
But overall the movie was great to watch and always kept me on my toes with action round every corner and drama in every scene you watch. These are some of the best qualities you can get in a film.So I recommend buying some tickets.

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