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What is Boxing day?

By Sebastian West
Staff reporter
The Pawprint

Boxing Day is on the 26th of December and was started in the Victorian Britain period. Boxing day was originally for upper- class families to give back to their servants  who had worked on Christmas day like a nanny or a cleaner or a milkman or a postman.  Traditionally the families would give back by boxing up a gift for them ranging  from Christmas dinner leftovers to unwanted toys. Boxing day is originally a British tradition but was spread on throughout the Commonwealth which were the countries that great Britain conquered and controlled.

Another original British tradition for Boxing day was a whole family outing to horse races where rich families would bet on horses and eat lunch. But Boxing Day is really supposed to be a caring day for all the people who worked on the house and did a lot of hard tiring work. also was a day of celebration for all of those people so it really is quite a caring occasion

Boxing Day is called Boxing Day because all the gifts that the masters would leave for the servants that worked that extra day for Christmas. They would box up and leave them behind for the servants, so when the servants would go home they would be gifted and surprised with nice wooden boxes with some treats inside .

In modern day,  Boxing Day is a day where all the shops would cut their prices massively to draw everyone basically like Black Friday.

In addition, a lot of people forget what else is on the day of Boxing Day and that is St. Stephen’s day, St. Stephen was the first every martyr who died for his faith in god in the Catholic church and he is widely celebrated throughout the entire Roman Catholic community. Celebrated by going to Mass.

Overall Boxing Day is a day celebrated by a lot of countries in many different ways and is a day of celebration and thankfulness.

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