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Christmas Gifts for Different Family Members

By: Bahram Gandhi
Sports Editor
The Pawprint

We all know how hard it can be to choose and find the perfect gift for your family member, especially when you have nothing in common, so here at The Pawprint we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for all different types of family members:

  • The Techie
      1. Amazon Echo 2 Buy it on Amazon
        1. Amazon’s latest iteration in their bluetooth speaker/assistant is the perfect gift to help someone control their smart home tech or to kickstart a smart home
      2. Logitech MX Master 2s Buy it on Amazon
        1. The second generation of one of the best wireless mouses on the market. It now has new “Flow” technology which allows seamless collaboration between multiple devices.
  • The Athlete
      1. Jaybird Run Buy it on Amazon
        1. Perfect headphones, that aren’t too expensive, for someone who’s always on the move or at the gym. Sweat-proof and Water resistant – they are perfect for any gym goer.
      2. Nike Flyknit Buy it
        1. Some of the best and most comfortable sports shoes on the market, well known for their support and stability.
  • The Little Kids
      1. A Lego Set Buy it on Amazon
        1. Boost creativity and jumpstart their engineering careers. Have fun and build anything from a tower of blocks to an intricate drath star.
      2. Nerf Gun Buy it on Amazon
        1. Battle it out right at home without risking injury or damage to the house. Fun for all ages.
  • The Music Lover
      1. Record Player Buy it on Amazon
        1. Something modern to play vintage music and get that true sound of music from old and new vinyls.
      2. Logic Pro X/Ableton Buy it on Amazon Buy it on The Apple Store
        1. One of the most well-known music softwares to help someone create their own music and express themselves through music.
  • The Artist
    1. Deluxe Sketch set Buy it on Amazon
      1. The resources for them to express themselves or just to doodle.
    2. Advanced Paint Set Buy it on Amazon
      1. A deluxe set of paints and brushes that come in a high quality wooden case. Perfect for someone who is serious about their artwork and wants to take it to the next level.

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