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10 Christmas Decoration Tips For Your Home

By Tahreem Niazi
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate your house for Christmas this year? Well look no further. Here are 10 Christmas decoration tips that are sure to make it a jolly holiday.  

Dangle Candy Canes
Keep your treats on display by hanging them on top of the window or the door. Hook them up on a matching ribbon to make them look extra sweet.

Make a Bow Wreath
Create a simple festive wreath with bows that won’t drain your wallet. All you need are various color bows and a glue gun.

Craft a Candy Cane Vase
Grab some candy canes, glue them to a vase or a can, tie with a red ribbon and there you have it – a beautiful christmas vase! In addition, add some flowers to make it look extra pretty.4f65e7cd2b20f7a74dfaf7ca14a572da.jpg

Display your Christmas Cards
Do you have Christmas cards that are too pretty to throw out? Turn them into works of art. Hang them on the ceiling with ribbons or stick them on a poster board and give it a special place in the house.tremendous-christmas-card-holder-display-ideas-using-those-makes-the-cards-easy-to-pom-finaljpg-metal-stand-1024x859.jpg

Mason Jar Christmas Tree
This idea is perfect for entry tables. Fill six mason jars with ornaments, tinsel or whatever you wish. Assemble the jars in a pyramid, wrap it with a shiny garland and to top it off, put a star on the top. Beautiful!1446135913-clx120115wellstyle-06.jpg

Add a Seasonal Scent
You don’t need to have scented candles for your home to have it smell like the holidays. Tuck bunches of cinnamon sticks in a magnolia garland to have a great Christmas scent.dried-orange-christmas-garland-1280.jpg

Dust Glitter
Sprinkle edible glitter and fake frost on top for a sparkly centerpiece.fruit-photo-1.jpg

Plants 2.0
Brighten the branches into a dazzling display with some fairy lights.maxresdefault.jpg

Beautify the Dinner Table
Update your dinner table for Christmas by adding plaid blankets on top. It gives the perfect Santa feeling to the house.6c5160e6dc871e51fda6f1933a50af04.jpg

Add the Stockings
No house is complete without the stockings. If you don’t have ready-made stockings, Craft your old sweaters into cool and cute stockings.4da2d31eb7272d601e5c1ec2de871a42.jpg

Did you use any of these Christmas decoration tips? If so, don’t forget to comment.

The Pawprint wishes you very Happy Holidays!

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