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Ice Age caves discovered underneath city of Montreal

Amatuer explorers have discovered a network of 15, 000-year-old caves underneath a Canadian city. The caves passageway, which is at least 200 metres long, was formed during the last ice age in Montreal. The explorers Luc Le Blanc and Daniel Caron are both members of the Quebec Speleological Society. They believed there had to be another set of caves connected to Saint-Leonard cavern, but didn’t know exactly where. The pair made their first step in their discovery when they used  dowsing rods to find a small fissure in the ground. This fissure gave them their first glimpse inside the caves. It took Le Blanc and Caron two years to find ground soft enough to dig into and eventually break through. So far 150m of the passageway has been explored, but the winters lower water table promises for further exploration of the caverns for at least another 50m.

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