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Top Games Coming In 2018

By Luka Vukovic
Science and Technology Editor
The Pawprint
2018 is looking to be a very exciting year for gamers of all genres, with the massively anticipated “Red Dead Redemption 2” coming out, as well as indie games such as “War Groove”, there seems to be something for everyone. The following games are the most promising for 2018.

Monster Hunter: World
As one of Capcom’s best selling game franchises, “Monster Hunter: World” is going to take the game one major step further and will be a must have for all kinds of gamers. It is going to have the same oversized weapons, gigantic bosses, and immersive hunting grounds. This time however, they have added grappling hooks to suit all your hunting needs.

Monster-Hunter-World 2.jpg

“Wargroove” is the perfect mix of modern mechanics and classic gameplay. Retro GameBoy Advance style sprites and the classic turn based action system are also to be found here. This is the smaller, faster and more fantastical version of Civilisation VI. As one of 12 commander’s, you can wage war on the world through land, air and sea, battling through skeletons, knights and dragons as you see fit.

wargroove 2.jpg

Insomniac Incorporated, most famous for their “Ratchet and Clank” series, intends to break the mold with this new Spiderman game. In past years, Spiderman games have promised so much, only for us to be delivered with a web-covered dish of disappointment. However, there is potential for this game, especially now that this game isn’t bound to any specific comic, so we can expect to see many new and interesting changes.

spiderman 2.png

Far Cry 5
“Far Cry 5” is bringing us out of the prehistoric forests of the fourth, and out of the tropical islands we are used to. Next year, we will be brought with a much more familiar, yet exaggerated environment of modern day suburban America. The subject of this game has brought up some controversy as it involves cultists attempting to prepare for the “Collapse”. However, it promises amazing graphics and a multitude of new toys to play with.

farcry 2.jpg

Red Dead Redemption 2
This game has a lot to live up to. The delay would be justified as Rockstar Studios is likely taking more time to solidify and improve on the game for its final release next year. Currently, the details on the game are quite vague, other than the fact that a multiplayer mode has been revealed. However, as many are glad to see, the classic Wild West vibe and location are still common in this release.

red 2.jpg

Sea of Thieves
As the first original, non-kinect game that the developer Rare is to release in years, this is an exciting release for many gamers. In a sea riddled with islands and treasures for you to discover, you can play with friends and live the life of a pirate while protecting yourself from the many others out there in system similar to “Rust”.

seaofthieves 3.jpg

State of Decay 2
In a scenario very similar to the popular TV series “The Walking Dead,” “State of Decay 2” promises the open world, rural and urban zombie apocalypse survival game we have been hoping for. With a co-op mode, many hours of gaming can be pumped into this with still much to explore. The attention to detail appears to be massive and the graphics are amazing too.

state_of_decay_2_e3-2017-1 2.jpg
In 2018, along with many blockbusters coming out, there are also a lot of hints and rumors for other games too. There is something for everyone to be excited for.

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