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How the iPhone X stacks up against the Galaxy S8

By Rishi Sharma
News Editor
The Pawprint

Apple’s iPhone series and Samsung’s Galaxy series are two behemoths of the cellular industry. Since 2006, the two companies have been the leaders in the advancement of cellular technology. With the release of the mighty iPhone X with its mighty price tag, it can be quite useful to know how the iPhone X compares with Samsung’s Galaxy S8

The Price
To begin with, let’s talk about how cheap the iPhone is. It’s not. Listed at $999 (3700 AED) in the United States and €999 (4327 AED) in the United Kingdom, it seems like Apple does not quite understand currency exchange. In the UAE, the price of the iPhone X starts at 4099 AED – nothing to rejoice over either. Other things you can probably buy for the same amount of price as the iPhone X include 70 pairs of Crocs, 123 pair of socks, or 348 copies of the Communist Manifesto.

On the other hand, the S8 would only set you back 2299 AED (40 pairs of Crocs!).

The Display
Would you pay more for a phone that offers an outdated display technology? If you have an iPhone, then you’ve already done so. Apple is so focused on their software that a lot of their hardware is actually produced by their competitors. The new iPhone features an OLED screen, which is actually produced by Samsung. Since Samsung is obviously aware of how much of a threat Apple is, they have priced the screen expensively, which obviously reflects the amount you’d be paying for the iPhone. Being a producer of screens, Samsung is 10 steps ahead of the iPhone in terms of display. The S8 uses an AMOLED screen which offers more pixels per inch, resulting in a much better display. The iPhone X will reportedly have a crunch in their supply somewhere in January 2018 as Samsung will decrease the quantity of OLED screens they produce, which will result in the iPhone being unavailable in many stores.

The Software
Undoubtedly, this is something Apple has mastered. Since the beginning of iPhones, one of the few things iPhones are capable of performing better than any other phone is in terms of their operating software, iOS. Arjun Sharma, a junior, says “I hate Apple, but I gotta admit, [Apple] really has a beautiful operating software.” Though the iOS 11 has a magnificent design, the S8 uses Android Nougat 7.0, a faster and more efficient software.

The Powerhouse and storage
The iPhone uses the A11 chip, the fastest bionic chipset to ever be produced. The A11 is also equipped with 3GB RAM. The S8 uses an Exynos 8895, which stacks up 4GB of RAM. While the Exynos has a greater RAM, a faster chipset is always more preferred.

The major problem for most Apple users – be it iPhone, iPad, Macs, etc. – is the storage. Apple has fixed prices for fixed storage, giving the user no option to upgrade their storage capacity. The iPhone X is offered in two storage sizes – 64GB and 256GB. Note that the difference in price between the two size models is massive (around 800 AED). The S8, on the other hand, offers only a 64GB model. However, this is not the end of the story for the S8. Most Android phones are compatible with microSD cards. SanDisk produces cards with sizes up to 256GB, for prices ranging up to 300 AED. Fortunately for us in the UAE, most retailers give a free 128GB microSD with the purchase of an S8, summing up its storage to 192GB.

Camera, security, and battery
Both phones have a 12 megapixels (MP) rear camera. Both offer video-recording at 4k pixels at 60 frames per second. The cameras of the two phones are also almost equally good. The S8’s front camera shoots at 8MP, while the iPhone caps at 7MP.

The new iPhone is all-screen, leaving no place for a home button or a fingerprint scanner. The new security is the face scanner. The iPhone is equipped with 3D face scanning. The S8 is equipped with only a 2D scanner, but it still has a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, an iris scanner, a pin-code lock, and a pattern password; giving users a wide variety for their security needs.

The iPhone’s battery reaches at 2716 mAH, whereas the S8 offers a 3000 mAH one – meaning that the S8 will last you little longer.

The latest features for the iPhone includes wireless charging. Wow, new tech! Not quite… the Nokia Lumia 920, which came out in 2012, is the phone which revolutionized wireless charging in smartphones.

It is quite clear that Samsung offers higher specs in the S8 at a much cheaper price. Apple’s iPhone X, which is twice as expensive, is also twice as less impressive. What the iPhone gains in terms of software and chipset speed, it loses in every other aspect. In almost all ‘judging criteria’, the S8 knocks the mighty iPhone off the stage.

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