DAA Daily

DAA’S Perfect fit Superintendent, Ms. Tammy Murphy

By Celina Abbas
Arts and Entertainment Editor
The Pawprint

Coming all the way from Santa Barbara, California, Dubai welcomes DAA’s new superintendent, Ms. Tammy Murphy. This is Ms. Murphy’s first overseas job after working for the majority of her career in several American states such as, California, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. Although Ms. Murphy has lived in several American cities, having an opportunity to live abroad was something she always yearned to do. “I always knew I wanted to live abroad, as my husband lived in Barcelona for 15 years, I knew how impactful it can be on a person’s life to live abroad.” As she searched for possible international positions she had never considered living in Dubai before. She saw a superintendent position open in DAA and was quickly interested in learning more about the GEMS education system. After a series of interviews, Ms. Murphy visited Dubai, and after experiencing such a strong sense of diversity and acceptance within the community, she knew it would be a place she could reside. She recommends all people around the world to visit Dubai in their lifetime.

Although GEMS DAA has had a hectic start, the DAA community has given Ms. Murphy a warm welcome, “My first impression of the school was great, I was so struck by the students positive energy and I truly felt a strong sense of a culture of kindness and intelligence.” Ms. Murphy shows recognition for the school community’s continuous growth. “Every week you go back to school, you can notice the school growing better and better.”

Over the weekends and in her spare time, Ms. Murphy enjoys going to the beach, and recently took up learning surfing. She also has a personal trainer with whom she exercises with at the gym. Ms. Murphy also loves to go shopping with her family and stated that “Shopping in Dubai is phenomenal.” Her son is a part of DAA’s 8th grade class and has been settling in well. Ms. Murphy has been very involved around school, approaching as many students as she can, and truly fits perfectly with DAA’s culture of kindness.

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