DAA Daily

DAA Welcomes Ms. Rowlands!

By Nadia Warren
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint
Ms. Anne Rowlands is a biology teacher originally from Toronto, Canada. She has spent the last two and a half years teaching at an international school in the Seychelles. Ms.Rowlands comes across as a very bubbly person, very quick on her feet and full of light.

How do you like Dubai so far?
“What do I like about Dubai?  The vibrancy, the abundance of things to do, the beautiful variety of architecture, the depth of culture – I am constantly learning and experiencing new things.” “I am really enjoying Dubai so far.  I have lived in a number of different countries and this is the fastest that I have become acclimatized to a city.  It has been a great experience so far”

What do you like most about DAA?
“What do I like about DAA?  The students.  I know saying that can sound cliché coming from a teacher, but I find the students here so friendly and welcoming that it has helped make my transition much more smooth.  I am also in awe of the facilities!”

Every teacher has a crazy story to tell, so what is the craziest teaching experience you’ve had so far?
“Well over the years I have taught in a lot of different types of schools so I have had a huge variety of craziness!  I think one of the funniest for me was my very first year of teaching at a pretty rough school in England.  I was in the middle of a lesson and the teacher in the room directly above me had lost control of the class.  I don’t know exactly what happened, but I was mid-sentence teaching a grade 11 class and a pair of school pants was suddenly dangling in the centre of my window.  I was talking about genes at the time, so I just rolled with it and pretended they were jeans(genes).”

Is there something you genuinely enjoy doing?
“Well for most of my life and right up until the World Cup my passion has been Lacrosse.  But, that being said, I really enjoy pretty much all sports and love to be outside and active as much as I can.”

DAA is excited to have Ms. Rowlands be a part of the team!

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