DAA Daily

DAA welcomes Mrs. Barnett

By Sebastian West
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Recently, The Pawprint have been interviewing new teachers to see how they are settling in and to know a bit about them as a person. This will be a review on the new social sciences teacher, Mrs Barnett.

Mrs. Barnett has moved here from Seoul, South Korea where she was teaching language arts at the Seoul International School.

She has a degree in business and joined a big advertising firm when coming out of college. But she felt that the job she was doing wasn’t benefiting other people, and she really wanted a job that could do that. As a result, she went into teaching and has enjoyed doing it .

She enjoys living in Dubai, because she likes how on weekends she can go to the beach with her family, and she likes how everything is so close and how it is easy to drive to places.

Her hobbies include baking, cooking, reading and spending time with the kids but she says the hobbies like baking and cooking she hasn’t been able to do while she’s been here because of all the settling in and getting furniture and clothes into the house etc.

Mrs Barnett seems to be enjoying the first few months at her new job here at DAA.

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