DAA Daily

DAA Welcomes Mr. Doubleday

By Syed Shah
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Where are you from?
I’m from Toronto, Canada.

Why did you get into the teaching?
I had many reasons why I wanted to teach. The main reason why I wanted to teach was because my parents themselves were teaches. I loved the interactions my dad had with his students.

How do you like Dubai so far? What about it?
So far I love Dubai, and I’m no stranger to the UAE. I’ve spent six years in different parts of the United Arab Emirates.

What is your craziest teaching experience you have had so far?
The craziest teaching experience I’ve had so far is when I took my students to the Expo centre in Shanghai, China. There were 1.5 million people at the expo centre so I had to be very cautious about my students. It was a crazy experience!

What do you enjoy doing?
Over the weekend I love to listen to music, or go ride my bicycle. I enjoy reading books and create sculptures. I love playing sports such as hockey and golf.

DAA is excited to have Mr. Doubleday as part of the family!

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