DAA Daily

A glimpse into the life of Ms. Morphet

By Samantha Loomes
Opinion Editor
The Pawprint

With the changing of school campuses comes new family members as well. With a bevy of new students and teachers alike joining the ever growing population at DAA it is important to take the time to get to know the new people.

Elizabeth Morphet is brand new to DAA as well as Dubai. She teaches physical education (PE) and health to the High school students of DAA.

Ms. Morphet was born in Toronto, Canada before she moved to Australia. She then moved to Oman where she lived and taught for six years before making the trip to Dubai. She quickly came to adore Dubai for its variety of available cuisine. Whether she is feeling homesick and wanting to eat at the Cheesecake Factory or she feels like trying something new, the cuisine options are endless.

You could say teaching runs in her blood as both her mother and her grandmother were teachers. She specifically chose to be a PE teacher as she adores sports of all kind and this is a way she could spend the rest of her life doing what she loves.

She specifically chose DAA because of the “culture of kindness” that is present here. She strongly relates to the morals this school represents, such as the policy of including everyone and making sure everyone feels at home.

When asked about her most fond teaching memory she recalls a class trip she got to take students on where they learnt to sail at the Marina.

Ms Morphet is ecstatic to be working in an environment like DAA and I am sure the students and staff alike will welcome her with open arms and our culture of kindness.

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