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Ms.Tammy Jochinke joins DAA

By Anastasia Bakal
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Ms. Jochinke is a new assistant principal of the DAA high school. For the DAA community to get to know her better, she gave an interview to a Pawprint reporter.

Q: Hi Ms.Jochinke, where are you from?
A: I’m from New York.

Q: Why did you get into teaching?
A: I was really into animals and I really wanted to be a veterinarian. So when I went into college I was in the pre-vet program, but as I was in the classes I ended up helping a lot of my classmates and I really liked that aspect of education, helping someone else so I switched my major.

Q: What do you like in Dubai so far?
A: The hummus (laughs). I like the beaches; I like that you can travel 10 minutes and you can be on a beach with palm trees. I always wanted to live on a beach with palms trees so this is a perfect fit.

Q: How long have you been in Dubai?
A: This is my third year in Dubai and first year at DAA.

Q: How do you like it in DAA so far?
A: I love it. The kids are great, the teachers are great, the building is amazing. There are some growing pains and we are still waiting for the furniture to arrive, but once we make it home, it’s going to be amazing!

Q: What is your craziest teaching experience you had so far?
A: Hmmm, I can’t think of one, but I have a memorable one. So, I always taught in New York City and I taught Earth Science. Every year we would go to the Natural History Museum, but before we would go to the museum I would give [the students] an Earth science lesson right in the park. The kids brought their breakfast and I would teach them about different geology in central park.

DAA is excited to have Ms. Jochinke be a part of the team!

1 Comment on Ms.Tammy Jochinke joins DAA

  1. I’m happy for you and miss you.

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