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Mr. Rory Courlander Joins DAA

Tahreem Niazi
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

With a new school year comes additions to the DAA family. Mr. Rory Courlander, a teacher who recently moved from Bangkok, Thailand, came here with an ambition to spread the seed of Psychology in the students. The Pawprint had an opportunity to chat with him for a while and talk about his life.

Where are you from?
I am from Dublin, Ireland.

Where are you coming from?
I spent nine years in Wales which is part of the United Kingdom, and recently we spent two years in Bangkok, Thailand

What do you enjoy doing?
I play a lot of football . I also enjoy boxing, reading  and spend a lot of time with my daughter.

Why did you get into the teaching?
That’s a good question. I kind of fell into it. I applied for a job with a six month paternity cover. I always wanted to work in a school for students with behavior issues. I did that and then I took a psychology job and then I just loved it. I realized that I just wanted to teach psychology as long as I could.

Where you always into psychology or were you interested in something else?
I was always going to be involved in sports and I was going to be a P.E teacher or a physiotherapist. That’s what I wanted to do but then I did a night course in psychology and  psychology in Tai Chi [a mind and body exercise that has both physical and psychological therapeutic value]. Psychology just blew my mind so I did a joint honors degree in sports science and psychology. Later on, I dropped sports science after 3 months and then just focused on psychology.

What does Psychology mean to you?
Psychology should be an essential part of the curriculum for all levels because it increases an individual’s awareness of how and why they think and behave so that is the most important thing you can have in life because you can know how and why you think and behave then you can improve your relationships, self-management, your lifestyle. Everything positive for you comes from understanding who you are which is what psychology is. So it is an essential element of life.

DAA is really glad to have Mr. Rory Courlander as part of our family.

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