DAA Daily

Mr. Dewaelsche, a new member to the DAA community

By Aahan Kapoor
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Mr. Scott Dewaelsche, one of the many new teachers to DAA, has just moved from South Korea, with a great passion for teaching history. The Pawprint recently had a conversation with Mr. Dewaelsche regarding his current experience at DAA and in Dubai.

What made you chose teaching as a career and how did you realize that history is your field of study to continue with in life?
I chose teaching as a career after spending a year in South Korea teaching kindergarten students English as a foreign language. I loved it and knew from the first day that teaching was my new profession. I chose history because that was my passion and my major while an undergraduate in university, so I went back to university to study education and was certified as a history teacher. I thought, “If I’m a teacher, I want to share my passion for the study of history with students.”

How has your experience been in D.A.A and Dubai so far?
Dubai has been extraordinary, as it is so different from Seoul where my wife and I lived before arriving here. We have really enjoyed becoming more familiar with our new home. We have felt especially fortunate for all of the connections we have made with the great people in our new DAA family. We have met many wonderful new friends here, and I have been impressed by the diligence, kindness, and respect exhibited by the students. I can see in my short time here that DAA is a vibrant, committed community of passionate students and educators.

What are some of your hobbies/interests?
I like to study and write about topics in my field when I get time, but I also like to just relax and watch sporting events or TV dramas to unwind. I am a big fan of American football and I love many of the great TV dramas of recent years in what I like to refer to as “The Golden Age of Television.” I also enjoy traveling and scuba diving at tropical destinations around the world.

What have been some of the memorable moments in your teaching experience so far?
As far as memorable moments in my short time at DAA, I have been excited about the creativity of students in small group tasks when addressing an essential question for a lesson. It has been so much fun listening their thoughtful and uniquely varied responses in these activities.

How would you compare Dubai to your previous home/s you have lived in?
The first comparison that comes to mind is my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona in the U.S. The extreme summer heat here resembles what I grew up with as a kid. Sunshine and desert are quite familiar to me. Since I came here from Seoul, however, another thing that stood out here was the nearly unlimited access to delicious food, especially a lot of things from the U.S. that I couldn’t find in Seoul. I have loved all of the food options as the choices are much better here than they were in Korea.

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