DAA Daily

Rihanna moves from music to make-up

By Deandra Jilani
Feature Editor
The Pawprint

Rihanna can stand back as she watches her makeup line take the world by storm! Two years in the making and it’s finally here, Fenty Beauty. You might be wondering why Fenty? Well, Fenty is actually Rihanna’s last name, but she has rarely used it in the past. She begun to use it when she started partnering up with brands such as Puma. This collection has been teasing consumers for months, but is it worth the hype? The launch of this collection took place in Brooklyn, New York on 8 September, 2017. Magazines, beauty gurus and the who’s who from the makeup industry were invited to see the new line alongside Rihanna herself.  She was said to have been very hands on during the entire event by showing her love and dedication to the makeup. Rihanna made it clear that she wanted this collection to be all inclusive and that anyone with any skin tone would be able to wear her beauty products. This is very true because her foundations come in an impressive 40 different shades. Even though this brand of makeup seems to appeal to all audiences, should you buy it?

This collection is very unique and contains a huge variety of products which allows the user to put on a full face of makeup with just her collection. Some of her products include foundation, contour and highlight sets, and lip glosses too, but it’s not just about the makeup. Her line contains tools that can be used to apply the products as well as a diversity of high quality makeup brushes that work seamlessly with the cosmetics. Her products have received high ratings. Many popular youtubers that are famous for critiquing new makeup brands say that some of the products are the best they have ever used.

I have recently purchased a few items from the makeup line. The products I have include the lip gloss, highlighter trio, and the universal powder. I was extremely excited to test these products so I did right away. In my experience I have found these products to be very high quality and extremely versatile. She has designed the products to work well with any skin color, and that’s exactly what they did.

Like any other high end makeup brand these products are not cheap, but the quality seems the weigh out the price and customers seem to be very happy with their purchases, me included. With her foundation and other face makeup selling for Dhs 100-250 and her accessories and tools costing from about Dhs 120 onward. These cosmetics seem to be decently priced by looking at how much product each item contains. If you are looking to purchase any of these products you can find them at your local Sephora store or if you are too busy you can have them delivered right to you doorstep by ordering your cosmetics on the Fenty Beauty website. So, is it really worth the hype? Well in my opinion it definitely is!

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