DAA Daily

Acid attacks – a horrific epidemic

By Jessica Loomes
Pawzfeed Editor
The Pawprint

It’s brutal, it’s sickening, it’s the latest revenge crime trend – and the materials used to commit this crime are lying under your kitchen sink. Acid attacks recently caught public eye, with a surge of assaults being reported worldwide. The following is a small sample of the acid attacks that have been reported this past year:

  • In London, UK, a staggering 119 cases have been reported this year alone. In July of 2017, two teenage boys went on a 72 minute rampage – spraying acid on five people. Delivery services Deliveroo and UberEATS have confirmed two of the victims were couriers working for the firms the night of the attacks. Police are looking at whether moped theft was the motive for the attacks.
  • In France, this September, two Boston College students were attacked with hydrochloric acid at Marseille train station. The victims, both in their early 20s, received treatment in hospital for their burns. The attacker was described by police as a mentally unstable 41-year-old woman.
  • In Berlin, Germany police have been puzzling over a series of cases in which six unrelated women were attacked at night by a man on a bike, at least four of whom were sprayed with battery acid.
  • In Italy, former Miss Italy finalist Gessica Notaro, 28,  suffered deep burns to her face and eyes when she was attacked with hydrochloric acid outside her home on the East Coast in January. The alleged attacker (Gessica’s Ex) Jorge Edson Tavares, awaits trial, but denies the charges laid against him.
  • In New Delhi, India in late July, unidentified men threw acid on a 35-year-old woman while she was staying at a government-run women’s hostel. Guards came to her rescue, but the attackers fled. The victim, whose name is Vimla, was earlier attacked in March where two men forced her to drink acid.

Authorities all around the world are concerned that corrosive substances may become more of a “weapon of choice” for potential terrorist attacks. The problem has become so severe in Britain – there have been calls for parliament to act. These gruesome attacks have left governments unsure of proceedings and sentencing for those using acid to defile person(s). These attacks are happening every day – no one is sure how to control them. There have been suggestions for tighter controls on some chemicals in response to the acid attacks in East London. But regulation would be difficult – as this new weapon is lying under everyone’s kitchen sinks.

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