DAA Daily

For DAA’s betterment, a new Student Government

By Mayurakshi Ghosal
News Editor
The Pawprint

Along with a new campus, DAA is all set to have a new Student Government as well. The current student government was created when DAA was a much smaller school. Now that DAA has so many students to attend to, it needs a better, and possibly bigger Student Government that will take care of all the students’ needs. This change contributes towards a new beginning for DAA, starting at the new campus.

The exact changes that the Student Government will undergo is yet to be decided, but there are many discussions taking place on this topic. According to the current members of Student Council and Senate, the merging of the two is an idea that is very likely to be implemented next year. However, this is an idea that is still being debated on by many. “I personally don’t [want the merging of Student Council and Senate] because Senate and Student Council serve two different purposes in the Student Government and, at the end of the day, we’ll end up splitting within that group to serve those purposes separately,” said Natalia Hara, a 9th grader who is currently a member of the Senate. Discussions are also going on about the Cabinet, and whether it should be continued or removed. Many student representatives believe that the cabinet should be continued, since it organizes all the grade events, and without the cabinet, there wouldn’t be any grade spirit.

Another decision taken which would be implemented next year is that there will be no voting or campaigning for next year’s student government. This is bad news for some of the people who already started planning their posters and speeches for next year’s student government elections. The fact that the students at Gems Nations Academy would now become a part of DAA urged the members of the Student Government of DAA to make this change. In order to give the students joining DAA at the new campus a fair representation in the Student Government, the voting and elections for positions in the Senate and the Student Council has been cancelled. However, elections will still be held for positions such as President, Vice-President, Treasurer etc., since such positions require a year of experience, and could only be filled by students who have been a part of Student Government in the past.

Overall, the final decisions the members of the current Student Government will make will definitely enhance the future of DAA, and be very beneficial for the students at DAA, including those who will be joining next year.

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