DAA Daily

DIY Phone Cases

By Nadiah Tejani
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

We all need phone cases. Big, plain, colorful and expressive! But they can be so expensive. One simple phone case can cost 50 dirhams! This article shows you how to make your own DIY phone cases for a low cost, or using materials lying around your house.


-Three phone cases

-Adhesive pearls

-Old Magazines

-Sticky Tabs (the ones used for marking books)

-Glue Gun

Phone Case #1:

  1. First, what you need to do is stick your pearls on the back of the case in any format you would like. The design I chose for my case was a staircase pattern.
  2. If your pearls keep peeling off, or are not adhesive, use a glue gun to stick them on. Lay a pattern out before gluing, just so that you don’t make a mistake.
  3. Let the case dry for an hour or so, and your case is ready to use!

Phone Case #2:

  1. Firstly, cut out the template of a triangle from some construction paper
  2. Use your template to draw some triangles from your magazine. Colors, patterns, and images are up to you!
  3. Using a glue gun or superglue, stick your triangles in three rows of three, keeping contrasting colors near each other.
  4. Let the case dry for an hour, and you are ready to use your case!

Phone Case #3:

  1. First, lay out your sticky tabs on the back of your case in any format you would like.
  2. Next, put a line of glue on the last sticky tab at the bottom and stick it onto your case.
  3. Let it dry for an hour.
  4. Finally, when you need a reminder that sticks, write it down on one of the tabs and peel it off when you have completed your task!

If you try any of these cases out or have any tips, let us know in the comments!

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