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Where Are All the Seniors Going?

Image by https://www.injuredworkerssupport.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/right-way-wrong-way.jpg

Sofia Ladak
Sports Editor
The Pawprint

With graduation about 3 weeks away, seniors are finalizing their university decisions for next year. For many, their decision is based on wherever is furthest from home! At least that’s my motto! All jokes aside, it can be a very stressful decision to make that heavily shapes your future.

Being in an international school in Dubai, every year the seniors end up all over the globe, whether it be in the US or in a small European town. Some people go outside of their comfort zone and travel to a new place with a new language, and others like to stick to their roots and go back home. No matter what, college is an amazing experience that you will always remember.

This year, we have an amazing Senior Class and we are all sad to see them go. We asked them where they are going next year, and this is where they will be. We wish you the best in whichever path that you choose!

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