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Dubai Canvas: The 3D Art Experience You Can Dive Into, Literally

Serena Ghattas
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Imagine artwork that has the ability to transform the world you are in. Dubai Canvas is a festival that was created by Brand Dubai that ran from March 1st to the 7th and highlighted a number of artists from around the world. They each had the opportunity to completely transform part of City Walk into their own pieces of interactive art work for the public to enjoy. The artists that were featured came from a diverse range of countries including some United Arab Emirate nationals. The pieces displayed varied from an open hot air balloon that makes it seem as if a person was sitting inside of it, to a picture to a giraffe on the wall that creates the illusion that a person is feeding it some leaves.

All of the artists created one of a kind 3D pieces of artwork that the viewers could pose with as well as look through magnifying glasses to see a specific portion of the piece of artwork, or a different view of the piece. Throughout the course of the week when the pieces of art were on display multiple people took pictures of themselves and their friends with the artwork and the results were quite stunning.

Here are a few:



During the festival there was also a competition for the best and most loved piece of 3D artwork from the artists. In this competition the audience chose the best piece in their opinion, posed for a picture, then posted it on social media. Tomotaro Saito won the public vote for this years competition with this piece:


There was also a judges award in which the judges viewed all of the pieces of artwork created and then choose a first, second and third place for best piece of artwork.

Tony Cuboliquido was named the first place winner and this was the piece that won:


Danila Shmelev placed second with this piece:


And lastly Leon Keer was named third place with this piece:


This year the Dubai Canvas was a successful event that was able to involve both children and adults from around the nation in celebrating and appreciating the work of artists from around the globe.

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