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The Heart of Art in Dubai

Image by https://www.ruinart.com/sites/ruinart/files/field_event_logo/art_dubai.png

By Sofia Ladak
Sports Editor
The Pawprint

The new hot spot this weekend was Art Dubai, following the opening of this exhilarating art exhibit. This year was the eleventh edition of this art fair and it ran from the 15th -18th of March at the Madinat Jumeirah. There were some very interesting and unique art works that were on display, coming from over 500 different artists with different backgrounds and cultures. This is the region’s biggest exhibition of contemporary art today. Some popular ones include Team Lab’s ‘Universe of Water Particles’ display and Jae Yong Kim’s 3D donuts.

Link to ‘Universe of Water Particles’

Link to Donut Piece

According to “What’s On”, there was a multitude of places to be for different likings within the museum. If you visit the article, you can see pieces of work done by only computer programming to works done for little kids. Some are resembling culture and history, and others are abstract, minimalists pieces of work. There are also performing art pieces that were presented for those who enjoy a more active form of art. Overall, it was an immense exhibit pulled together for the enjoyment of all the citizens and tourists here in Dubai and we can’t wait for the next edition to be even bigger and better. For more information on this year’s event, click here.


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