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Why Donald Trump is a Good Thing

Why Donald Trump is a Good Thing
By Charlotte Ege
Pawzfeed Editor
The Pawprint

Many people have a very negative view of Donald Trump. Very rarely do you hear anything good. Some people are even sick of hearing his name. But in this Donald-Trump-is-ruining-the-world apocalypse, it is very important to consider the positive effects of Trump’s existence.

One of the most popular things to call Trump is “racist”. And now that he’s President, people think it’s ok to tell a Mexican-American to “get back on their side of the border”, or to ram trucks into mosques, because Donald Trump supports it. However, because these terrible things are happening, people are realizing that it’s terrible.

In the aftermath of World War I, Germany was in bad economic shape and had lost a large portion of their territory. Many parties blamed their failure on the politicians. Adolf Hitler blamed the politicians for these failures, but began to largely blame the country’s problems on Jews. Hitler’s views found resonance in the Nazi political party. He bred fear and anger towards the Jews, and manipulated people into supporting him. His influence rose him to power. World War II came around, and Hitler and his followers perpetrated the Holocaust and largely discriminated not just against Jews, but all people without blond hair and blue eyes.

Now, Donald Trump is not that extreme, however he and Hitler rose to power in the same way: inducing fear, propagating anti-government sentiments, and targeting particular race for the country’s problems. So how is this is a good thing? Well, Hitler’s reign affected people worldwide, greatly reminding people that religious and racial discrimination was a thing.

Furthermore, Trump is showing people how bad discrimination and inequality is because he is the definition of a bad example, like when a teacher shows the side effects of smoking. In health class, I was shown a photo of a woman whose esophagus had been decayed by cigarette smoke. Because of the smoke, she now breathes through a hole in her neck. Even though what she did was scary, it shows other people that it is bad. Similarly, even though what Trump does is scary, it shows the world what is bad.

Another relevant plus side of Trump is how much attention he has grabbed from the American citizens towards presidential elections.

Here is a chart showing the ratio of popularity of the search “US Presidential Election” since 2004.null

The most obvious thing you can see are the spikes during November every four years, which makes sense because that is during the time of the election. However, in November 2016, the most recent election, the line spikes way higher than the rest. According to this graph, the term was 100% popular, with a ratio of 100:32, compared to Obama’s second election in 2012. People have never before been so involved in American politics in the last 3 elections as they have been this election. Before this election, I didn’t know anything about the White House. Now I am caught up in who the vice president is, how many kids the president has, who works in the cabinet, and how many people work in the White House (it’s 1,869, by the way).

Although Donald Trump seems to be the epitome of all that is bad in today’s world, his radical outspokenness is grabbing the world’s attention and setting the example for what needs to change.




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