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ATTENTION: Senioritis is spreading

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By Oksana Nikitenko and Amna Husain
Editors – in – Chief
The Pawprint

Senioritis, noun. A crippling disease that strikes high school students.

Every year, the Senior class is hit with this disease and it is highly contagious. There are varying degrees and stages of this epidemic, and sadly, no one is immune to its effects. Its prime time of infection is semester two and its symptoms include: lack of motivation, laziness, increasing school absences, and “a general dismissive attitude”, as Urban Dictionary explains.

It is fair to assume that each Senior student has had at least one day where they gave up on their work and simply binge-watched movies and TV shows or went out with friends. Or in other words, they relaxed and had some much deserved ‘me time’ where they ‘treat themselves’ or made sure their social life was not dead. Many Seniors also choose to come to school late, leave early, or just not go in at all. Although this phenomenon can be attributed to laziness, it should also be considered that several teachers have finished teaching their content and are simply having review periods. This leads to the thinking that no more content = no more class.

DAA High School principal Scott Schaffner explains, “Students believe that they have already graduated, and therefore don’t need to abide by the rules and the commitment that is required from all high school students and the work ethic that they usually maintain throughout [the first] three and a half years [of high school].” And it’s true, there’s no denying that after many sleepless nights, uneventful weekends, hours upon hours of studying, IAs, IOCs, TOK and EE essays, summatives, formatives, orals, CAS hours and projects, and mock exams, seniors simply do not have enough motivation to continue working at the same level that they did in their first semester. Moreover, many Seniors have received University offers and are thinking about their future, not the present- if someone has already been accepted to university, it is difficult to see the point in continuing to work hard. Senior Subhaga Laxman adds, “One of the main focuses of Seniors is the IB exams that are coming up in May, so it is understandable that we prioritize studying for them over any assignments in school.”

According the Admin, there is a cure for Senioritis. Mr. Schaffner says it is “the loss of Senior privileges, and the ultimate cure is receiving an empty diploma case that has a sticky note that says ‘please see the High School office’ during graduation”. High School and Middle School Administration Coordinator Ms. Nashmia adds that the Admin can “send memos and information to universities, and they can pull out your application” for especially slacking students. And High School Counselor Mr. Kurass says “you need to stay motivated by keeping your eye on the prize – the light at the end of the tunnel”. Although all of these cures probably work, in our opinion – as Seniors – the best cure is graduating. Get well soon!

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