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Accept the Fact

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By Bilaal Kazi
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Global warming is real. No question to it, NASA, Skeptical Science, and PolitiFact all claim that there is a 97% or higher consensus that the rapid climate change in the past century has been due to human activities. Some still say that earth has always had naturally advancing and retreating temperature and carbon dioxide levels, however on their website, Nasa clearly shows us that in the past century, the increase is much too steep. The current carbon level is much higher than anything it has reached within the last 650,000 years.

Some people seem to be questioning how scientists seem to  ‘magically’ know carbon levels for the past hundreds of thousands of years. The answer is Ice Cores, which is ice that is created when layers of snow on glaciers accumulate on top of each other. Overtime the snow gets buried and compressed into ice along with trapped air. When the air is trapped, so is the climate of that time. Through this, scientists can look at temperatures, carbon dioxide levels, chemical composition, and much more. By drilling down, and recovering the ice, scientists are able to gather information on the past to properly understand the climate conditions then.

The majority of common people are beginning to accept climate change. According to Slate and The Guardian, President Trump of the United States may be the only world leader to not have accepted climate change. It seems that President Trump may actually be trying to coax people onto his side as shortly prior to his inauguration on the government EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) website, a thread for common questions on climate change was restricted. This seems extremely odd as that thread very clearly states that climate change is real, and proves it. You can view it by accessing an archived version and viewing any date prior to January 20th. This is especially concerning as the EPA seemed to be one of the major fighters in the struggle against climate change.

The facts are present; climate change is occurring and is almost definitely due to human intervention. We can each fight it ourselves simply by not polluting, taking shorter showers, and using less electricity. However we must stand up against those who are condemning the future generations to a ruined world and not let them reverse the hard-work of thousands.

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