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Is the Earth Flat?

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By Mohit Garg
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

What if I tell you that the earth is not the way you think it is and that everything you have


been taught previously about our planet it incorrect? What if I told you that Earth was not round, but instead a flat rotating disc of mass?

Governmental organizations such as ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), and ESA (European Space Agency) are claimed by the Flat Earth Society, to be fabricating images and data and are involved in a mega conspiracy doing so. They believe in a theory which supports the existence of a flat earth, and want to start a movement world wide to reveal this ‘truth’. They claim such falsification of space exploration began during the Cold War, after which the space race began and, out of greed and self-superiority, both the USA and the USSR started publishing false data through the press.

Their physical earth-sun model has clearly created a mockery of modern physics. According to them, the simplest evidence for their theory comes from relying on your own senses to “discern” the true nature of the world around us. They disregard the fact of a spherical heliocentric world just because it looks flat from the human eye. Such empiricist approaches are most incorrect in modern times where technology thrives and new theories come out every day disproving the previous ones. “Earth Not a Globe”, by Samuel Rowbotham, is a book describing numerous experiments and observations intended to make the reader believe in the flatness of the earth.

One of the experiments mentioned above includes the Bedford experiment; which was performed many times on a six-mile stretch of water that proved the surface of the water to be flat. This is one of many experiments which fail to acknowledge the large size of the earth. Historically, there have been and still are many religious connections to this theory, many modern and ancient religions have undoubtedly supported and championed the existence of a flat earth. For example, the phrase, ”4 corners of the earth” embossed in the Bible first arose the myth for a flat earth (Revelation 7:1), passages from the Isaiah 40:22 also contribute to the myth since the claim that the earth is a flat circle. This has aroused controversy since many devout Christians who understand the earth is not flat argue that the 4 cardinal direction refers to the directions on a spherical globe, while others join the movement.

The Flat Earth Society disregard all spherical earth images since images can too easily be manipulated and they claim that all sources which encourage spherical earth thoughts are unreliable and subject to conspiracy.

To uphold their theory, they even claim that gravity is a force that doesn’t exist! They claim that the earth is accelerating up at a rate of 32 feet per second squared (or 9.8 meters per second squared). This acceleration they say is what causes gravity, one can now understand why they have no direction or physical sense of the universe. They even say that all of quantum mechanics, relativity, the big bang, is all wrong, and place instead a theory which says that the earth lies on an infinite plane, and it will never transform into a sphere because the plan itself is infinite and can not be converged. This theory is a contradiction of itself. The mere fact of this society’s ignorance has led to the bane of their physical senses itself.

Below are a few daily observations, based on which one can conclude that the earth is in fact spherical:

  • Due to the Foucault Pendulum experiment, one can conclude that the earth is rotating, and the mere fact that it produces o
    val shaped shadows each lunar eclipse proves that the earth is both round and spherical.
  • Imaging placing two sticks together: if the earth sunsticks12
    were flat, then the shadows of the sticks will be of equal length irrespective of the distance between them, however, observations show that they are in fact varying due to the curvature of the earth.
  • During many times of the years, planets like mmaxresdefaultars, neptune, jupiter, and uranus can be seen through the telescope there mere image is round thus disproving the society’s misleading theories on gravity, and infinite planes.

The very existence of time zones, equinox cycles, curved plane trajectories all support the FACT that is earth is spherical.


1: http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r36/Persistenxe/Flat-Earth.png


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