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Winter Wonderland

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By Nabil and Ishika
Digital Media Editors
The Pawprint

Food. Drinks. Activities.

Winter has finally dawned upon us, and Santa Claus is coming to Dubai American Academy (DAA). Over the course of next week (December 11-15), the high school student council has prepared their annual “Winter Wonderland” event, consisting of various activities. Many include Christmas decorating, where students will be offered the chance to hang ornaments on the Christmas tree to celebrate the occasion. Another activity is pictures with Santa, which allows students to take photos with Santa Claus and pose in the yearbook, this is held after school on Thursday the 15th of December. Many students feel that teacher participation is very entertaining and boosts events overall, so student council has prepared a special “Decorate Your Teacher” event, which involves the students decorating their favourite teachers with ornaments. Finally, the most anticipated are the performances where students are given the chance to sing their favourite Christmas songs.

Event head organizer Sophomore Mina Song says “The food is usually the best part of the Winter Wonderland, as there are so many different sales and options to choose from. It really helps boost publicity for the event. ” Luckily the entirety of student council will be selling a variety of food each day, ranging from crepes to hot chocolate to pizza. All money raised will be used to fund future council events.

Council has been working tirelessly on getting all Christmas decorations and posters put up throughout the hallways to promote the upcoming event, and boost spirit within DAA student body.

Student body president Meghna Banerjee says “I am really pumped for this event and I hope that the students will enjoy what we have prepared for them.”

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