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A Star No More

Image by https://thumbs.mic.com/NTgxMjExNzhkYSMvbElLV1NVTzR0aVdHcGZ2a0taQkJjbmhadkpZPS81NngyMzc6MjU2MXgxNTE3LzEyODB4NjIwL2ZpbHRlcnM6cXVhbGl0eSg3NSkvaHR0cHM6Ly9zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL3BvbGljeW1pYy1pbWFnZXMvYW51ZW1wMWU4d3psdmJvMXN3cnY3cTljbGQ3anNxdG9idGgyOGVubmJtZ2YybXFsYnpkMGM0aW5jbmR3aXF6dy5qcGc.jpg

By Mohammed Bodiat
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

On the morning of 26 October, 2016 Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was destroyed with a sledgehammer by a man dressed as a construction worker. The destruction was recorded on video by multiple people.

The offender’s name is James Otis, who has admitted to destroying the star. Otis did manage to salvage valuable parts of the star, which he plans to auction off in an effort to raise money for the 11 women who have accused Trump of sexual assault. “I think I can get over $1 million for this star, to be distributed to these women and many others that will be going forward,” Otis told CNN. He stated that his actions were fueled by a long history of women in his family being victims of sexual assault. Per the Associated Press, Vivian Kish of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has announced that Trump’s star is already under repair and will be restored as quickly as possible.

Leron Gubler, president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, condemned the destruction of Trump’s star. He released a statement in which he says, “Our democracy is based on respect for the law. People can make a difference by voting and not by destroying public property.” Gubler has also mentioned that the offender will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

It’s hard to see this affecting now President-elect Donald Trump in any way, having already shown us how thick his skin is. Personally, I think that someone going out of their way to do this speaks volumes about his rhetoric throughout this election campaign. Come January, Trump will be the second president with a Hollywood Star, with Ronald Reagan being the other recipient. While you could argue about whether or not his actions were justified, it’s good to see Otis ultimately having good intentions. He was met with both widespread support and backlash. This was not the first time Trump’s star has been vandalized. Previous attacks on the star have included the spray painting of a swastika, a mute symbol, as well as someone spreading their dogs faeces all over it. Perhaps a facelift was well overdue.

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