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Canadian Immigration Site Crashed by America?

Canadian Immigration Site Crashed by America?
By CC Chiang
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

The results of the United States presidential election was so shocking that Americans made the Canadian immigration site crash!

According to “USA Today”, Canada’s immigration website crashed on Tuesday at about 11 pm EST. This made the site inaccessible until after 10 am EST, when it was brought back. The crash was due to the sudden spike of online users, mostly terrified Clinton voters, who were considering joining their neighbors in Canada. There were 17,000 users in the last week, which rose to 200,000 in the next. Americans made up 59% of the online users, while 37% of the visitors on the site were from Canada, 3% were from Australia, and 1% were from the United Kingdom. This is a big difference from the usual 8.8% – 11.6% of Americans users on the Canadian site.

“National Public Radio” states that Google searches “Move to Canada” shot up when Donald Trump won Super Tuesday in March in the Republican primary. Searching for jobs that night was 10 times higher than other nights. The most searches leading up to the election were “Canada immigration”, “Move to Canada”, and “Canada”. These were most popular in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and California, who were all voting for Clinton and the Democratic party. “Business Insider” also reported that a story called “How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen” was the top story on Tuesday.

The reason for this big increase in online traffic was because many Americans were afraid of what Donald Trump might do to change the country. For example, he said that he would kick out and ban certain types of people from entering America, such as Muslims and Mexicans. This would affect many families and make the world less safe for these people.

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