DAA Daily

The Return Of Sherlock

By Aretha Pereira
Feature Editor
The Pawprint

After two years of hibernating under blankets in their bedrooms, watching fan theory videos about the season finale and re-blogging various gifs and memes on Tumblr, Sherlock fans have finally emerged after hearing that season four will be released on January 1, 2017.

To fully understand how big of a deal this is, you’ve got to know a couple of major things. Firstly, each season only consists of three episodes of around 90 minutes each; and seasons are released every two years. Season three ended in 2014. Not only was this forever ago, but the season finale ended on yet ANOTHER cliffhanger. Sherlock fans were expecting to be prepared after (SPOILERS AHEAD) the shocking season two finale where Holmes himself committed suicide, convincing his minimal amount of friends that he was dead, when he was actually alive all along. However, when the season three finale ended with our favourite villain Moriarty appearing on television screens all across London saying, “Did you miss me?”, fans practically lost their minds.

As said several times before, it’s been two years since that finale. Sherlockians have been waiting for 730 days pondering over how Moriarty could still be alive and everyone has been anxiously waiting for answers.

It seems that fans on the Internet are beyond excited for the first episode of season four, “The Six Thatchers”, to come out and to finally be able to watch their favourite characters in action again. With Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman continuing in their lead roles of Holmes and Watson, there are only high expectations for what season four could bring. Sadhika Laxman, sophomore at DAA, says “I’m super excited about seeing what the writers have in mind after the crazy cliffhanger last year. I also really hope to see a bigger character arc for James Moriarty. However, I am really nervous to see what the actual story will be and whether it will actually be written well.”

If you have not seen a single episode of Sherlock, you have around a month and a half to catch up (do not worry, there are only nine episodes out total) before January. So get in on the action, and do not miss out on exciting return of BBC’s Sherlock, because after two years of waiting, you can be sure that we’re expecting something big.

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