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Touch a Touch Bar! Apple’s Innovation!

Image by http://photos5.appleinsider.com/gallery/18808-18293-161026-Hands-l.jpg

By Minkyoung Jun
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Great news for all Apple users! According to The Guardian, Apple is launching their new MacBook Pro laptop. The most unique and surprising feature that the laptop includes, is a touch Bar for inserting emojis.

Apple removed a previous multi function key in the laptop and created a touch bar on it with OLED technology. It customizes the touchbar depending on which app the user currently executes. For instance, in the photo app, the user is able to choose pictures or add filters on them and move a final cut to the timeline. However, more functions will be later added for more utility.

There are a lot of different reactions about the Macbook pro. In the comments from 9TO5MAC, many netizens comment that the touch bar is the only unique thing, so there is no real surprising innovation in the laptop. In contrast, other netizens state that they are able to use the MacBook more practically because of a clear graphic and a newly released touch bar.

Along with the new touchbar, the new MacBook Pro laptop minimizes its thickness, volume, and weight. Since the volume is reduced by 20% than the previous one, it will be very practical for portability and convenience. Moreover, the Apple enterprise stated that the laptop has a better display. More various vivid colors are expressed with the support of the newly added P3 colors.

Even though there are many contrasted opinions about the New apple touch bar on Macbook Pro, there is no denying that the Apple definitely created something that the world hasn’t seen before and the MacBook series will be further developed in the coming future.

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