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Vine is Shutting Down?

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By Nadiah Tejani
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Shock! Horror! Despair! Twitter has made the ultimate decision to shut down a huge entertainment platform, Vine. Vine is a video sharing app where you can upload videos from separate experiences into a six second clip. They are played in a loop, and are often very comedic. But why was it shut down? Vine is a very popular platform for teenagers, so why would Twitter cut it out of modern technology?

There are quite a few theories on why Vine shut down circling the internet. The most prominent and noticeable reason would be the fact that Vine couldn’t compete with Instagram ever since they released the ability to post videos. Because Instagram allows videos up to 15 seconds, Vine has become less and less popular. However, some popular Viners have kept going, such as Logan Paul, LeLe Pons, Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier.

Yet another big reason that Vine is shutting down is that some popular Viners have leapt on to other entertainment platforms, mainly YouTube. Viners like King Bach, Amanda Cerny, LeLe Pons and Jake Paul all have popular YouTube channels with very high subscriber counts. They felt that if their videos were longer than six seconds, managers and scouts would find it easier to spot talent, and YouTube is a great platform for that.

The most apparent reason to Twitter’s actions would be money. Twitter bought Vine in 2013 for an estimated $30 million. Twitter’s stock is at $17 billion, which is extremely low for a social network that was once worth $31 billion when it first started up. They recently announced they were letting go of 350 employees, and from what is inferred, the company didn’t have enough money and finances to keep them in service. Twitter has been struggling to find someone to buy them, and because Vine is a big part of their company, they have to let go of the mobile app.

The last and most important reason on why Vine is going down is publicity. Since the timing of each video you can film on Vine is only six seconds, advertisers found it hard to catch on to the comedy enough to advertise it. The timing of each video is what made Vine unique, and it may have created its downfall. According to information and statistics from App Annie, an app economy website, Vine has dropped to number 284 on free apps for iOS, and has not been in the entertainment top charts since 2015.  The one good thing we can take from this is that we can still download and watch our favourite vines over and over, so don’t worry.

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