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Anime – A Respected Art Form

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By Bilaal Kazi
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

What makes something art? Almost everyone has their own opinion on what makes something art, however some art forms are clearly more respected than others. Anime is often disregarded as an art form or considered a lesser art. However, it deserves the same respect as more mainstream art forms.

So to start, I needed to learn how others defined art. For a wider point of view I decided to question some of my peers, asking them what makes something art to them.“Art is a story told through illustration” said Freshman Hashem Bkayrat, I can fully agree with this definition. Art is a story, every art form discusses something whether literally, or figuratively and Art is just a way of telling this story. Death Note is one of the most famous animes out there and it makes a really strong argument having very good visuals while telling a very interesting story of a battle of minds and takes two peoples views of justice and puts them against each other. SInce I had a basic grasp of what my peers think art is, I needed to learn why certain art forms are respected more than others so again I asked them. “If art is more related to or understood it’s more respected” , said Freshman Sara Venton. This supports anime since many animes like “Code:Geass” another very popular anime for example, both displays skill of storytelling and great visuals while having an overall deeper meaning to the story.

So why is it that anime is not as respected as other art forms? Most popular animes like “FMA:B(Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood),” “Death Note,” “Steins;Gate,” and “Code:Geass” contain a deeper meaning, and take a lot of time and effort to tell a story. So anime is definitely an art. I find myself understanding and relating to animes. Like when I was watching Death Note, I often found myself sharing views with Light, the anti-hero protagonist, even though he’s considered the bad guy and I feel a lot of my peers would share those views, too. Each anime tells a story and tries to pull the viewer in so they can compare their views and thoughts with the characters. So why is it that anime is not very respected as an art form while, dramas, dance, music and paintings are? A blogger CJ Levinson released an article on what makes something art and his thoughts were similar to mine saying this was a form of elitism, however just because other art forms are more mainstream does not make anime a somehow lesser art form. Anime has all the requirements to be considered an art and all the necessities to be respected to the standard other ‘bigger’ art forms are.


2 Comments on Anime – A Respected Art Form

  1. Mohammad Sajjad Haider // October 6, 2016 at 6:12 PM // Reply

    I think the author has done a great job. He has explained the topic very well and illustrated with quotes and personal examples, about the validity of his claims about anime. Well done!

  2. Well written and well researched Bilal. I was of those ignorant ones who does not know what anime is let alone an art form. So probably if you had asked me what is art, I would have said it is a form of expression and illustration widely viewed, followed, enjoyed and inspiring across all age groups, it is inclusive.

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